32 The Best Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

The Best Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas 16

The scene is set, your family has been invited, the children are getting excited and possibly annoying, but you still have not figured out a way of setting a wonderful Thanksgiving table.

You want a table that is different from last year, it needs that wow factor. You have already prepared the Thanksgiving dinner menu. Your turkey is in the oven and the cornbread dressing is almost ready to bake.

However, you cannot put it off any longer, it is finally time to set the dinner table. In order to help you in this important task here are some tips for setting a wonderful family Thanksgiving table.Our first tip is to just keep it simple. Why stress yourself out during the holiday, okay so this is a silly statement you will always do that whatever y ear. But do not try to overload your dinner table with your best crystalware, china, or fancy cloth napkins. If children are involved then this can only end in tears.

This gives you two benefits, you will be able to purchase nice dinnerware quite inexpensively and you will save yourself a lot of washing up, which gives you more time to spend with your family instead of being tied to the kitchen. Spice up your centerpieces in a fun and novel way, your children can really help here, if fact why not hold a competition for them to come up with one or more home made centrepeices. Instead of the usual fancy floral centrepieces, get creative and use things like your dinner rolls to create a mountain. Or build a faux fountain, using cake stands and stacking your side dishes in an artful way in the center of your table. You could try laying mismatched table cloths or table runners on your table together with using oil lanterns as your centrepiece.

Try setting the table with a combination of different dinnerware articles. Set small wooden buckets on the table to hold silverware and napkins. In fact use anything that doesn’t match to create an old-time feeling for your Thanksgiving dinner. If you are worried that your novel arrangement for your table will not work, then carry out a rehearsal the week before so you can judge the best placement of items etc. Finally the real minimalist approach – don’t set the table at all! – The easiest or laziest approach perhaps is to not put any dinnerware on the table at all. Try out a buffet style approach where you place all the dishes on your bar or serving cart, with the plates and silverware at the beginning. The idea is to let everyone serve themselves and sit where they choose. This is really good for creating an informal atmosphere with no pressure. But the best piece of advice we can give is to remind you that this is a family get-together. Take your time to relax and enjoy the food and the company of your family. Our approach of setting a wonderful Thanksgiving table by taking the simple route should ensure you have a fun time which is what it is all about.

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