30 Gorgeous Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Gorgeous Bedroom Furniture Ideas 28

An interesting idea that is gaining a lot of acceptance at this time is for bedroom furniture where you combine both comfort and modern subtle looks. And this is going beyond the bedroom to include the overall look and feel of the home. Here the general trend has been with neutral floors and subtle colors. Perhaps a discreet touch of color to add distinction.

Bedroom furniture is an important part of the general design you bring into your bedroom. The other aspects take into account both the setting, where you place each piece, and the tones and colors of walls, floor and ceilings. Special touches are accentuated with fabrics and wall decoration. The tendency is that all these combine without focusing on strong, overbearing colors.

Your home and bedroom design reflects a statement of how you feel, your likes and dislikes and in general your outlook to life. The current tendency is for discrete statements, that offer the feeling of warmth, relaxing, comfortable without being stuck in another period of harsh and glaring carpets and fabrics. This year design fashion for the bedroom includes these guides with a modern edge, without overcrowding and statements made with modern prints on furniture upholstery.

Discretion and individual statements with wood and angular but simple designs are in. Many rooms today are based on hidden closets or cupboards to store belongings. An interesting view for this year is to invest a few statement pieces that stand alone in the room. Examples might be a modern dressing table with chair and mirror, a wooden chest of drawers or antique chest design placed at the foot of the bed. Wicker furniture, with earth tone fabrics does wonders.

Color wise injecting a little color can do wonders for you. Consider a mixture of dark colored furniture with a multitude of greens, very fresh and energizing. Neutral still works very well, but not limiting color accents. Avoid the overbearing neutral colors but not how you might expect simple, discreet touches of black, gray, brown, accented with touches of pink and red. What about the antique bed look, with brass framed beds and a quilt in shades of pink, layered with mismatching cushions. Keep an eye on small items that have a European feel to them. Hang paintings with text on them, prints come in a huge variety. If pink is not your thing in the room why not put the emphasis with gray, purple and mauve. Leave floor space free and focus on a neutral carpet; this way the feeling and charm of your design will stand. A typical mistake is having walls and floors competing instead of adding to the overall design.

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