34 Amazing Colorful Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Amazing Colorful Bedroom Decoration Ideas 34

Colorful girls bedroom ideas are very inexpensive ways to make statements. You can use basic pinks and purples but just pair them with more unusual kinds of palettes. This is really going to give a unique look to your space even if you are just sticking with pastel kinds of colors.

If you wanted to use pink in your room then use several shades of it. A soft pink can be very soothing. However, it’s also often associated with nurseries. You can remedy this just by adding in a hot pink stripe. You can also add in a smaller white or taupe stripe to bring in a little bit of a neutral kind of color. This is going to be more lasting and you might be able to get away with it for at least a decade.

Unusual girls bedroom ideas will focus on neutral colors. These are staples in interior design. However, in girls bedrooms they tend to be saturated in color. This can leave the space seeming a little bit juvenile or overpowered. You can remedy this just by going with fun accessories. This could be beaded curtains, ruffled comforters, and lampshades covered with rose petals. However, it all just has a basic cream or taupe color palette. This is going to make it a lot more sophisticated and you can always add in subtle accent colors with your artwork.

Painting simple murals is a way that you can really bring in a lot of color. This doesn’t have to be complicated. You could just paint your child’s name on the wall with kind of a graffiti effect. Each letter could be a different color. This can be a great graphic element that can really grow with your child. It’s a chance to bring in a lot of colorful oranges and greens and make a basic white background interesting. It’s a way to combine a color palette that you don’t really see a lot of. However, when you do this it can be difficult to find coordinating fabric elements so you might just need to go with solid colors for these.

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