32 Lovely Morrocan Dining Room Decor Ideas

Lovely Morrocan Dining Room Decor Ideas 26

These rugs typically contain many abstract lines and shapes placed together. The rugs have gained quite a bit of popularity recently and many people have started decorating their homes with them. There are several reasons why you should consider placing one of these elegant rugs in your home.

There are many types of Moroccan rugs and they blend nicely in your rooms. They will help draw someone’s eyes to a focal point of the room and they match almost all decor and colors you have in your home. If you want a neutral rug, consider a Beni Ourain rug. This type of Moroccan floor covering is neutral and soft in color making it virtually easy to pair with any decor.

Not all rugs pieces from Morocco are expensive and you can find some gems for affordable prices. Many people thought that having a Moroccan throw in their home meant they were spending all of their savings, but you can find smaller pieces in the couple hundred dollar or less range. Another reason to consider purchasing a Moroccan carpet piece for your home is that there is no other like it. Even if you buy two or three carpets at once, you will notice that they are never the exact same. Each carpet is woven by hand, which means they are unique and you never have to worry about someone owning the same piece you do.

Moroccan rugs are extremely durable even though they may seem like they are not. These handmade beauties are weaved with the strongest of fibers and they hold up against wear, tear, and even spills. Surprisingly, stains are easy to lift from the carpet and when treated correctly, you will never even know anything was there. You have probably experienced a carpet or rug that looks soft, but when you place your feet on it or sit down, you suddenly realize you would rather be on concrete. Moroccan rugs are extremely comfortable and plush. The Beni Ourain kind is specifically very plush and you may think you are sitting right on a pillow. These rugs make great pieces in your room or on hard flooring where you may stand for a while. You will never get tired of the carpet or think it is hard as they do not wear down or thin out over time. Moroccan rugs are perfect for your feet in the morning. Never again fear stepping out of bed and landing on the cold and chilly floor. The carpet holds in heat and will warm your feet from the moment they land on it.

If you ever spill something on your carpet from Morocco, do not fret. You can easily clean the spill up and never worry about it staining the fabric or fibers. Once a spill occurs you need to make sure you quickly soak it up. Do not rub it in as this pushes it into the deeper fibers. Simply blot the mess up with a clean towel. Once you have blotted up the mess, neutralize the stain with some water and distilled white vinegar. This will help lift any of the stain that is stuck in the fibers and also kill off any odors. You should apply the solution mixture to the stain and use a brush to scrub the carpet. Once done, blot again with another dry towel. If you do notice a smell, sprinkle some baking soda over the stain to help neutralize the smell. You can do this as a measure of precaution just in case. Moroccan rugs are a great choice in rug for any home and will provide you with the beauty you are looking for in a rug. The carpets are soft and appealing to the eye. They help tie your living room, bedroom, and dining room together with ease and without trying too hard. If you are shopping for a Moroccan rug, consider the different colors and designs before choosing one. You can place the rug wherever you want it to go and your feet will thank you for the plush treat.

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