30 Gorgeous Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas

Gorgeous Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas 21

When you live in a studio apartment, you’re probably not really thinking of the home decor. Fortunately, just because you live in a studio apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful home accessories and decor.

In fact, the internet is a vital resource of different decorating ideas, home accessories and other items that can make your studio apartment look and feel like a home, even if it’s just one room with a bed in it and a kitchen up against the wall.

The most important step in a well decorated space is to de-clutter. Get rid of everything you’re not using or don’t need. This is especially true of living in a tight space, because in a studio apartment, space is at an ultra-premium. That being said, with studio home decor, less may be more. Opt only to keep pieces you really love, especially when it comes to furniture, wall decor and other home accessories.

Divide up the space based on your daily activities. Depending on how large your studio apartment is, this may include creating a living area, a kitchen area and a sleeping area. Large studio apartments, particularly lofts, may even give you adequate space for having a dining area or an office space. When dividing up the space, be sure to include plenty of storage space. Avoid open storage, as this creates a more cluttered look that is unsuited for small space home decor. Multi-purpose furniture is a great option for tight urban spaces. A single piece of furniture that serves as a desk and as a night stand can be a great space saver. The same goes for furniture such as ottomans that double as a coffee table, additional seating and some even offer additional storage. A divider does not necessarily mean the actual furniture piece known as a divider screen. However, you can use different furniture items to divide the space up accordingly. For example, depending on how large your studio apartment is, you may want to arrange a sofa across the space so that it separates your sleeping area from your living area.

Don’t skimp on the lighting! Just because you’ve got a smaller living space doesn’t mean you need less lighting. You need to divide up your lighting needs: task lighting, general lighting, even decorative or accent lighting. You can use general lighting for your day to day activities, task lighting for tasks such as reading or writing and finally, decorative or accent lighting to highlight the space; such as a piece of wall art or an architectural element of the space. Finally, don’t be afraid of color! A small space doesn’t have to be limited to light colors, in fact, as long as you keep things minimal in terms of the amount, you can use any color you desire. Bold hues, dark shades, bright, vibrant colors-anything. Keep in mind that “keep things minimal” doesn’t mean having only a single accent wall, but it can also be interpreted as having a monochromatic color scheme or a color palette that only uses three or less colors. Having more than three colors can quickly and easily overwhelm small space home decor.

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