31 Amazing Cozy Winter Apartment Living Rooms Decor Ideas

Amazing Cozy Winter Apartment Living Rooms Decor Ideas 21

Seasonal changes can ignite the urge to make other changes in our environment and daily habits. Apartment living is no exception; finding the best fit for your environment and “the environment” can help cement the sensations that are highlighted by each time of year.

Winter, for instance, is a time to celebrate the warmth and coziness that can take place inside, far away from the cold and wind outdoors. Using decorative accents which point to this fact can bring a winter-feel to your apartment.

Hanging garments which feature dark blues and other deep hues can bring a touch of this effect into your apartment. For autumn, consider using red, green and brown themed plaid. Some of this decor occurs naturally as we hang scarves and coats on vertical clothes stands. But making the extra effort to make these winter and autumn specific touches stand out can make a difference. Consider personally styling the stand by placing it appropriately in the room, in a place which blends well with other fixtures in the space.

Take re-purposed and recycled frames from discount stores, garage sales or other spaces and insert a piece of art sourced from a similar place. Other places to find seasonal art include farmer’s markets and flea markets. Affordable artwork with transferable themes can be found in these locations. Combine the frame and the art and you have a seasonal touch which can bring in the feelings of winter-warmth and refuge.

Goodwill and discount locations are U.S. based places where these items can be found. Clear, lightly colored and translucent material represents the lightness which coordinates with spring. Similarly, bright colors tend to bring out the fancy and flight of the summer season. By contrast, heavier, more sculpture based items (in white clay or dark painted colors) can add a touch of the colder months to apartment living. Changing from a heavier curtain to a lighter one, or simply making a lighter curtain the centerpiece of this display, elicits a spring feeling as well. Opting for exceptionally bright color (or opting for hues that are heavily streaked with sunny yellow and sky blue) can bring summer to mind. Adding a slightly thicker texture helps make the transition into summer, while heavier curtains coordinate with the colder seasons. Decorating can be an expensive task, especially if your aim is to do this with every change in season. When decorating an apartment or home, you can save a bit of that money by being creative and resourceful at once; look for ways to use what you have and replace items at a reasonable cost.

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