32 Popular Winter Dining Room Decor Ideas Match All House Styles

Popular Winter Dining Room Decor Ideas Match All House Styles 05

The holidays are fast approaching and what better time to get your dining room in shape. The fall and winter season is perfect for getting together with family and friends to enjoy those special people in your life along with some savory foods.

The colors that continue into the cooler months are still very subtle and natural with more vibrant color used as accents. We are seeing warm woodsy browns paired with sultry tones of red, orange and green. The influences of India and Asia in global décor lead the market.

These colors lend themselves very well in areas of your home where you want to entertain. The rich tones and spicy accents help to create an area where family and guests feel both energized and warm and cozy. You don’t have to look far to get inspired, your spice rack will serve up just about any color that you could want. Colors of curry, paprika and nutmeg in your dining room décor will inspire your guests to linger and relax while enjoying a delicious meal.

We are seeing dining rooms decorated in a more casual tone. Gone are the ultra formal spaces that looked like a museum and nobody used. Create a space where your family and friends will want to linger long after the meal is complete. Choose a table that you can enlarge with additional leaves so that you can seat more people. Consider adding upholstered chairs, they will be more comfortable than an all wood chair. Another great look is to combine wood and upholstered chairs. It will give your table a more eclectic look rather than all matching. The simpler you keep your table, the easier it will be to add any chair style.

The dining table is the focal point of your room and what better way to highlight it than a beautiful chandelier. Make sure you purchase a light that is in proportion to your table. A chandelier that is too big will over power the table and too small will look like it doesn’t belong. A good rule of thumb is divide the width of your table in half and add 6″. The height of the chandelier is equally important, to high and it illuminates the ceiling and too low, it will be in your face. The ideal height should be 30-32″ from the top of the table to the base of the chandelier. Exposed light bulbs will only cause a glare, it’s always a good idea to place shades on all bulbs. Choosing texture in your space will appeal to our tactile side. The smoothness of china, the softness of suede or chenille, the coolness of metal. Texture will add depth and interest to your decor. Changing out your accessories with the seasons will bring a renewed freshness to your space. Just don’t get too carried away, you want to be able to see your guests across the table. Decorate your dining room to celebrate good family and friends, a place that you will want to linger. There is nothing better than sitting down with people that you love and breaking bread.

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