35 Stunning Christmas Village Display Ideas For Home Decoration

Stunning Christmas Village Display Ideas For Home Decoration 12

You can make embellishments and accessories for your Christmas village scene and make it more personal and unique. Have some fun creating decorations for your village by creating homemade ornaments for the tabletop display. Include your children or your friends at a scheduled time and everyone will begin their Christmas reminiscing journey earlier as well as get into the season sooner.

While we all have one or two homemade ornament on our trees (usually from our children, grandchildren, or other children in our lives) very few of us make our own accessories and embellish our own village scenes with such uniqueness.

Christmas crafts are beautiful enough to display on the tree, on the table, on doors and overhangs, and windows. Your Christmas village is the same! You can leave it up all year and change it with the seasons if you have or create the right accessories. These are treasured traditions, villages that have been years in the making, houses and shops that have been handed down or given as gifts. So might be said of the memories of time spent setting up or creating these beautiful village scenes. Many of us have fond memories of this Christmas tradition of decking the halls with family, that it is often a scheduled and shared event. Think of how the house smelled like gingerbread and cinnamon. How the children sat at the table making gifts, crafts, and cards for the special people in their lives. The carols that played or the television specials that were on – only for this special time of year.

These memories and traditions are tied up in our generations’ past. Up until the mid 19th century all Christmas ornaments were handmade using whatever was easily available in that region at that time of year. Parents would make decorations out of fabric, pinecones, cedar branches and bits of wax that had been meticulously saved all year for this special day. Around 1875 we started seeing Christmas ornaments that could be purchased in a store – but the tradition of spending time in creating unique Christmas displays lived on. Now we get together to set up Christmas village scenes and other displays that younger hands can easily manage.

Glass ornaments were first introduced from Germany. The German race was renowned for high quality craftsmanship and the Christmas decorating accessories was no exception – these pieces were truly exquisite. In short order the Germans had over 4500 molds and over 100 glass blowing workshops devoted entirely to Christmas decor. We’ve come a long way since the mid 19th century with our tastes and Christmas decorating, but we certainly can’t beat creating Christmas village scenes with our family as part of our own, newer, tradition of the season. Fasten tiny jingle balls to the corners of your table runner if you use one for your display to give your table a little extra festive sparkle. Paint tiny snowflakes on nearby windows to make a beautiful backdrop to your Christmas village scene (use removable glass paint perhaps with a small sparkle to it).

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