34 Inspiring Bathroom Decorations You Never Seen Before

Inspiring Bathroom Decorations You Never Seen Before 25

When decorating a home, the bathroom is often done last, and sometimes is overlooked completely. When you consider that the main bathroom is very likely to be seen by most of your guests, it makes sense to put the same time and effort into decorating it as you do the other rooms in your home.

Because the typical bathroom is much smaller than other rooms, it presents a special set of challenges when it comes to decorating. With some planning, though, your bathroom can look just as beautiful as every other room in your home. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Theme decorated rooms aren’t for everyone. Some who would never use a theme in any other space will do so in the bathroom. Because the room is small, you’re less likely to overdo the theme as you might in a larger room. Some theme ideas: beach house, the ocean, lighthouses, jungle, there is no limit to the possibilities. Some people are completely turned off by the thought of themed decorating. That may be because they think it means going crazy with the theme and covering every available surface with reminders of that theme. Instead, remember that theme decorating doesn’t have to (and ideally doesn’t) mean you hang photos of lighthouses everywhere. The theme can be incorporated as much or as little as you choose. For example, if you choose a beach theme, you may choose colors that remind you of the beach such as sand colored tile for the floor and blue paint for the walls. For accessories, place some shells in glass jars. Then, if you want to further incorporate your theme, you can add beach photos or prints and other nautical themed accessories. The key is to have fun with it, and remember that theme decorating can be as elegant or as over-the-top as you choose.

Mirrors in a bathroom. No surprise there, but a decorating option that is often overlooked for a bathroom is adding extra mirrors besides the one that is hanging over the sink. Hanging a decorative mirror in a bathroom can add elegance and help to make a small room look larger. Of course, it may also come in handy when there is more than one person trying to get ready in the morning. Even if your bathroom is already large, a decorative mirror can become a focal point and help to ground all of your other decorative elements. If you’d rather not add another mirror to your bathroom, another option could be a well-placed metal wall hanging. Naturally, this will not work in every situation, but if you are trying to create a bathroom that exudes simple elegance; a metal wall hanging would be a great option. Because these hangings are available in so many sizes and shapes, it’s easy to find one to fit the awkward walls that are sometimes present in a bathroom.

Obviously, choosing the correct paint color can make or break your attempt at decorating. But when painting a bathroom, the type of paint is even more important than the color. Because the bathroom paint must be able to withstand high humidity during those extra long showers, you will want to choose a paint that can stand up to such conditions. That means choosing a high gloss finish. This finish is washable and can stand up to humidity without peeling. You should also use a good primer before applying your paint. This will help your paint last longer and will discourage peeling and sagging. Lighting is one of the most important decorative choices you will make in any room, and the bathroom is no exception. While you want the lighting to be beautiful, it also needs to be functional, especially in a room where hair is fussed over and makeup is applied. If there is a lighting feature that you cannot resist, but it provides insufficient light, consider adding recessed lighting. A little off the subject, but still related: Adding hanging candle holders can help create a relaxing atmosphere and add “mood” lighting whenever you want it. Hopefully, these ideas and tips have inspired to tackle the task of decorating your bathroom. Whether you choose to create an elegant retreat or a whimsical room, careful planning will help you design a room that you will enjoy for years to come.

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