35 The Best Outdoor Sauna Design Ideas

The Best Outdoor Sauna Design Ideas 13

Good sauna designs and plans make your sauna project perfect. When you decide to design your own sauna, it is important to consider several factors.

Heaters are the heart and soul of any sauna. So the first important factor to be considered should be the heat source. There are three main types of sauna heaters: wood burnt heaters, electric heater and gas heaters.

Some people prefer to use electricity as their main heat source for saunas. Wood burning heaters take more time to heat the sauna. But they are less expensive than gas and electric heaters. While using gas as the heat source, remember to test for carbon monoxide. It is better to determine the heat source based on the space availability.

The second factor to consider is where to place the sauna. Often, the heat source helps you decide where to build your sauna. When deciding the location, keep in mind the availability of water.

After you have chosen a location, the next step is the selection of design features. A number of online resources offer design plans. Many websites boast design plans for all types of saunas. Selecting the design for your sweat room is the next step. First of all, decide whether you need pre-built, pre-cut, or outdoor sauna rooms. Another important factor to be considered in the design aspect is the size and shape of the sweat room. The size of the room depends upon several other things such as number of people using at a time, door location, bench layout, and capacity of the heater.

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