30 Lovely Colorful Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Lovely Colorful Kitchen Decorating Ideas 29

One important aspect when installing a new kitchen or renovating an existing one is the color. In fact, just by changing the colors in your kitchen you can give it a good-as-new look. Here are some color (kitchen) ideas that you can use.

Not everyone has the same perception of colors as everyone else. We all have varying preferences, as well as different perceptions of certain colors. This is evident from a 2002/ 2003 Coalition for Health Environments Research, which reveals that your personal feelings about certain colors are influenced by your own personal experiences and culture.

For instance, the color white represents purity and innocence in Western countries, but it is viewed as symbolizing mourning in Eastern countries. Therefore, don’t be afraid to explore your personal color preferences and choose the color that suits you. Many people settle for the color white as a safe option. However, you need to be a little bit more imaginative and adventurous if you want to create a feeling of warmth and liveliness within your cooking area. In fact, strong colors would be the perfect complement for most of the modern kitchen finishes that include gleaming honey-colored floors, shiny stainless steel appliances or dark ebony counter tops.

When thinking of color, there are some basic areas that you should consider. If your kitchen design has limited cabinet installations, this would be the perfect place to apply vibrant colors. However, most modern kitchens have ceiling-high cabinets, backsplashes, trims and other fixtures covering a good part of the wall. These present the perfect canvas to apply your artistry with the paintbrush. Make sure that the colors your select complement such appliances as refrigerator doors, ovens and microwaves. You should never forget the ceiling, especially if you have a completely new look in your kitchen. Otherwise, you might have an odd-looking room instead of the vibrant display you intended to have.

When planning for particular color (kitchen) ideas, you have to consider much more than just the different color palettes. A 1985 study, titled “Three Comparisons of Incandescent and Fluorescent: Color or Luminaire?” revealed that a person’s rating of pleasantness of any color were also influenced by the shape, size and placement of light sources in a room. This means that before you apply any color, you must also consider whether you need to change the lighting fixtures to provide the best illumination of your artistic work. Otherwise, you simply will not achieve the desired effect. Once you attend to the aspect of lighting, you can use various color layouts to create varying atmospheres which include. This is generally achieved by reducing the chilling effect of artificial stainless steel appliance and enhancing the rich brown tones of natural wood. Yellow-based greens will bring out a refreshing, sunny and inviting feel of nature. This can be complemented with apple, white trim and olive greens. Make sure to include as much natural light as possible. This would be achieved using an overall pure white kitchen surface with an accent area containing embellished blue. The best place for this accent would be the kitchen backsplash.

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