32 Beautiful Yellow Bedroom Decor Ideas You Will Love

Beautiful Yellow Bedroom Decor Ideas You Will Love 25

The bedroom is the first room that we see when we wake up in the morning and the last before we go to sleep. The colors that we use in our bedroom decor will help create the mood and energy that we take with us through the day and helps us to relax and rest at night.

In this article, I am going to discuss the steps in picking the right color for your bedroom decor and how to use color to create the right ambiance so that you feel refreshed, calm and at ease when you spend time in it.

When picking a color story for your bedroom decor, you should first decide what kind of mood you want to create. Normally, for their bedrooms, people tend to favor colors that bring a feeling of tranquility. Do you want this feeling of serenity, or do you want colors that make you feel energetic in your bedroom? If you are sharing your bedroom, be sure to ask your bedmate how she/he wants to use color to decorate the bedroom. You should both agree on a color that brings you closer together rather than a color that one of you loves and the other loathes. Next, think about how the colors on your walls will work with your bedding and any furniture that you may have in the room. The color combinations should work together harmoniously and as one.

Warm colors, like red, orange and yellow give a feeling of awareness and energy to a room. These colors should not be used to decorate a bedroom unless they are used in a muted form like pink, peach or corn. These muted colors bring a feeling of warmth and won’t affect you like the pure colors, which can keep you from sleeping. The pure, bold colors should be used as accents in the bedroom, such as in the bedding or the curtains. Blue, green and lavender are cool colors and are best used when decorating a bedroom. They give a feeling of peaceful tranquility and make the room appear larger than it is. Although it is better to use one color theme when decorating a bedroom, it is possible to mix these colors and keep that calming feeling. For best results, use one color for the walls while accenting the bedding, furniture and carpeting with another color.

Brown, orange and yellow are earth tones. These soft colors bring a welcoming feeling to the bedroom, but only in the short term. Orange and brown can raise the appetite and leave you hungry, while yellow may become irritating over time. The toned down versions of brown, such as coffee, are very popular for bedrooms. However, for the best effect, brown should be partnered with a splash of a cool or warm color. When picking out colors for your bedroom decor, remember to not mix too many colors together. One or two colors should be enough to create an inviting bedroom without creating excessive diversity and clutter. This includes the use of light and dark colors. Too many splashes of a dark color can make the room appear smaller, as well as create a shock affect. For best results, use one color for the walls, white for the ceiling and use accent colors for the bedding, carpeting and furniture. The color used in your bedroom decor plays an important role in your daily emotional feeling, so don’t follow trends when picking out your colors for your bedroom. Instead, pick out colors that you really enjoy looking at and give you a feeling of well-being.

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