32 Gorgeous Bathroom Storage Ideas You Should Copy

Gorgeous Bathroom Storage Ideas You Should Copy 30

Whether you have a small bathroom or a big one you need good storage options. The bathroom always has lots of little things to put away, whether its toiletries for women, for men, or kids toys.

Even guest bathrooms need to storage towels, kleenex, soap, and toilet paper. Here are some handy tips about bathroom storage.

Look up. The ceiling is largely unused space that can be optimized. You can get hanging flower baskets and hang them from the ceiling. Instead of planting flowers, hang up your toiletries. It is cute, fun and will help your bathroom be neat and organized.

If you have closet space or ample counter space you can store a variety of items for multiple different people in shoe boxes. Let your kids decorate them to match the decor (a good rainy day project) and everyone will have their own place for things. No more mixing of toothbrushes or makeup.

Consider your kids and put a towel rack at their level. This will prevent the need for climbing on the toilet or sink vanity, not only preventing injuries but also the chance of something being knocked off. Try not to store magazines and books on the back of the toilet. They could easily fall in the bowl when the seat is left up (gross) and it’s also a problem when you need to get into it for plumbing reasons. Get a small magazine rack and put it in a convenient location. Hopefully these tips will help keep your bathroom a bit more organized.

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