32 Stunning 3D Wallpaper Ideas For Living Room Wall

Stunning 3D Wallpaper Ideas For Living Room Wall 30

The main function of wallpaper is to beautify the room itself, beside the furniture, lighting, and other ornaments. And it also can cloak your imperfect wall, such as crack or wavy textured wall.

There are plenty of wallpapers’ design and motif available for you to choose. But you should remember that each room needs different type of wallpaper.

Bathroom and Kitchen have the highest humidity of all other rooms. So, we need durable and scrubbable wallpaper. Vinyl coated paper and paper backed vinyl/solid vinyl are perfect for these room since they resist moisture and are stain and grease resistant. Beside that, they are easy to clean and peels off easily from the wall.

Coated Fabric has a fabric substrate coated with liquid vinyl or acrylic. The decorative layer is printed on this coating. This wallpaper is best for use in low-humidity areas, like bedroom or any other living areas away from water source. Embossed papers like “Analgylpta” and “Lyncresta” make great borders and ceiling papers.

As you can see, different areas of the home require different types of wallpaper. To keep wallpaper clean, you need to vacuum it regularly, you may use a broom wrapped with a soft cotton or a vacuum cleaner with soft brush. If your wallpaper is washable (most wallpapers are washable), you should clean it with mild soapy water and a sponge. Then rinse with a sponge of cool water and pat the wall dry with a clean, dry cotton or terrycloth towel to remove any moisture from the paper. For fabric wallpaper, you need to test it to see if the fabric will stain when it is wet. Or you may use a commercial wallpaper cleaner that is safe for these kind of wallpapers.

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