30 Awesome Contemporary Home Office Design Ideas

Awesome Contemporary Home Office Design Ideas 29

A contemporary home office is one with a modern, upbeat look. It has a pleasant environment in which to work and it suits many businesses. You can choose from many types of furniture built with the sleek lines of the contemporary style that allows plenty of legroom.

Smart and functional, contemporary décor has a lighter, brighter look than traditional with the use of glass and steel mixed in with melamine and wood-grain finishes.

Modular computer desks include features of contemporary style but it is also ergonomic and comfortable to work at. Contemporary style features glass-topped tables, however, most computer or work desks maintain a wooden or melamine work surface. While a work surface of glass shows every speck of dust, it creates an illusion of space, wonderful if you are working in a small area.

Consider using a glass-topped table and funky chairs for meeting with your clients. Make sure the chairs are comfortable. A glass-topped table will create light and an airy feeling of space. Pearl gray table legs and a frame will not be intrusive through the glass top. Contemporary décor in your office will offset the space taken by the computer desk and storage. Light colored wood-grain or even a brightly colored work surface will add to the contemporary style. Funky artwork on the walls will not take up any floor space, but will enhance the modern stylishness of the furniture.

Color is important. You can achieve the right blend of color with filing cabinets or storage areas. Set them together for a smooth, un-cluttered look and think of unusual ways to hold all those small items that tend to be strewn about your workspace. For instance, glass storage jars can hang from underneath a high shelf if you screw the lids to the shelf. Then you can simply unscrew the jars for access. A traditional style sofa or easy chairs will take up more room; if you go contemporary, you will gain room without sacrificing comfort. Two easy chairs with a glass-topped table for the client’s coffee mug or papers is sufficient in the meeting zone of the office. Use wood or a wood-grain vinyl to keep the flooring streamlined and easy to clean. If you have carpet, make sure the pile is short so that wheeled chairs will roll over it freely. Brightly colored walls can enhance the contemporary design of your modern office.

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