Admirable Apartment With Summer Theme Decor

Admirable Apartment With Summer Theme Decor 36

Decorating can be just like picking an outfit to wear. Seasons can affect what is “in” and what is “out.” So don’t get caught off guard this Spring/Summer and pay close attention, as I am going to give you some tips for decorating your apartment this season.

Add some bright vibrant colors to your living room. Perhaps an orange lampshade and throw pillow, offset by a light green rug or throw blanket. Match the color of your accessories with a freshly painted and vibrant wall. Stop by your local flea market in search of bright colored vases or other colorful pieces to place throughout and radiate the warmth of summer.

We all know that the winter going away and the spring warmth brings flowers that last through the summer. Bring that natural decoration inside. Use fresh flowers as centerpieces! You might even float plants or flowers in a glass bowl as a centerpiece. Add a few floating votives to illuminate at night and you suddenly have a wonderful and conversational centerpiece.

Changing from a heavier curtain to a lighter one, or simply making a lighter curtain the centerpiece of this display, elicits a spring feeling as well. Opting for an exceptionally bright color or opting for hues that are heavily streaked with sunny yellow and sky blue can bring summer to mind. Adding a slightly thicker texture helps make the transition into summer, while heavier curtains coordinate with the colder seasons. Decorating can be an expensive task, especially if your aim is to do this with every change in season. When decorating an apartment or home, you can save a bit of that money by being creative and resourceful at once; look for ways to use what you have and replace items at a reasonable cost.

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