Lovely Spring Baby Shower Ideas Easy To Copy

Lovely Spring Baby Shower Ideas Easy To Copy 28

Spring is a fabulous time to hold a baby shower. The world is in bloom around us. It’s a season of new starts, new lives, and new hopes. What better time of the year could there be to celebrate a new baby? Here are a few great ideas to help you incorporate spring into your shower.

The beautiful temperatures that come with spring in many areas encourage an outdoor shower. For this reason, garden baby showers are very popular in the spring. A garden party can be held in a pretty backyard garden or at a local garden that hosts parties.

The party’s theme can just be a garden baby shower, or you can go with a theme such as a baby is blooming. Use floral themed invitations, and give personalized seed packets or individual flowers as party favors. No worries about decorations, the beauty of nature can not be beaten. Plus, surrounded by nature your guests are sure to relax and enjoy themselves. Tea parties are also very popular for spring showers. If you are in an area where springs are too cold to host a party outdoors, or where spring is rainy, a tea party can be a way to bring a spring feel indoors. The light femininity of a tea party, especially one decorated with flowers and florals is perfect for a baby shower.

Have the shower at a beautiful tea room. Or, decorate with lots of flowers and serve tea and finger sandwiches. Use tea party themed baby shower invitations. Give your guests personalized tea packets and honey for their party favors. Decorate simply with flowers and pretty dishes. No matter how old she is, every girl at heart loves a tea party. A less common, but quite fun idea for a spring baby shower is to hold it at a zoo. In the spring most zoos are celebrating their new babies too. So, having a baby shower will fit right in. For games, your guests can go on scavenger hunts for the new babies at the zoo.

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