Stunning Summer Dining Table Decor Ideas You Should Copy

Stunning Summer Dining Table Decor Ideas You Should Copy 07

It’s time for summer celebrations, entertaining family and friends. If you’re serving food, your buffet table will take center stage. Our rule for summer is to keep it simple. Whether you’re throwing a tea party, beach party, or having a holiday get together; these three easy steps will turn your ordinary buffet table into a dining area masterpiece.

A theme will keep everything tied together and will help you choose your menu and decorations. Remember; keep it simple so you don’t end up with a lot of “stuff” cluttering the buffet table. Your theme can be based on a color or on a subject. For instance, if you’re having a summer tea party, you could decorate with an assortment of teacups.

The occasion and size of the buffet table will most likely determine the choice of a centerpiece or focal point. A centerpiece will always be your focal point; however, a focal point does not have to be a centerpiece. Using the tea party as an example we would choose a centerpiece. An idea would be to have a four-tier stand with scones and other goodies sitting in the center of your buffet table. On one side, set your plates, napkins, and silverware. On the opposite side, a teapot with your teacups alongside.

Keep your embellishments simple and small. Your embellishments should complement your centerpiece without taking the attention of your focal point or making it difficult for your guests to fill their plates. Just add a few decorative touches to finish out your display. Make sure the embellishments are fitting to the theme you have chosen. If you’re having a tea party you wouldn’t want a glass of sea shells or something that would represent the beach.

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