Fabulous Navy Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Fabulous Navy Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas 30

There are many shades of blue from the darkest navy reminiscent of a night sky to the palest duck egg. Light blue is often a color chosen for classic kitchens for its freshness – it certainly has a hygienic feel to it but you have to be careful in case you choose a shade that gives your kitchen a cold rather than a welcome feeling.

Whereas pure pale blue can feel a little on the cold side you can warm it up quite a bit by adding a hint or two of green. This will give you a range of colors from blue-green aqua and duck egg to a rich turquoise. Blue has great potential for mixing with other colors and goes well with many shades. You will find it combines well with pink and yellow in chintzy type floral patterns that go well in country kitchens.

Blue used in contrast to more cheerful colors works well in a kitchen, For example, you might have sky blue walls without suffering the frosty look if you cheer them up with sky blue and yellow striped kitchen curtains or blinds. If you use blue with plain white shiny kitchen cabinets you will definitely give your room a cold feeling but if you use sky blue walls alongside warm colored wood such as beech or pine then you will find that this works well. Turquoise works particularly well with darker toned wood and lifts the whole room.

Dark blue and navy do not look good over large areas in a kitchen as a rule. Although you will always find exceptions that look stunning, the average home decorator will not achieve a great result with these colors. These shades need very careful handling with good lighting and the right accessories. If you have your heart set on a navy kitchen use it for small areas – perhaps one wall and a few accessories and make other walls paler in contrast.

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