Wonderful Small Porch Decorating Ideas Easy To Copy

Wonderful Small Porch Decorating Ideas Easy To Copy 25

Small porch decorating is fun and challenging. Most homes today have small porches for a variety of reasons.

Although they do not have a lot of decorating space you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can do to create a huge visual impact, add storage, and even a few amenities.

Look up. Replace your porch ceiling fixture with one that fits your decorating style. You have so many options for lighting. If your porch ceiling is high enough you might choose a hanging light. As a minimum clean your light fixtures; most go untouched for years. The same goes for wall sconce lights if your porch has them. Color selection is extremely important for small porch decorating. Make a dramatic impact by painting the front door a contrasting color. It’s easy to do and can create immediate curb appeal. You may want to get sample paint colors from your local building supply store so you can try a few different colors to find just the right look. We recommend you also invest in a very good paint brush to give your door a professional look.

Select a wreath that complements your door’s new color. A beautiful wreath adds warmth to your front entrance and can easily be changed for the season or holiday. Add outdoor art for small porch decorating. This can be in the form of a wall sculpture or outdoor painting. This will give your porch a focal point, another great decorating feature. If you want to really show your decorating skills, select art that contains the color of your newly painted front door to create a cohesive look. Attach it firmly so that it will not blow in the wind. Hanging it on a hook like an indoor picture will not work. Another way to create a focal point is to add a decorative flower container or sculpture. Select a piece that is proportional in size to your overall porch. It needs to be large enough to be a visual focal point but not too large as to overpower the porch or take up too much space. Add a shelf. Not only does it provide a place to put packages while opening the door it can be painted to match you color scheme. No room for a shelf? Then perhaps a small bench will serve the same purpose.

Small porch decorating includes your porch columns. Often times, people overlook porch columns. Make sure they are in good repair and freshly painted. Consider changing the color or style. Column wraps are available to turn square or rectangular columns into round ones for a different look. You can also add stone bases to give your porch a craftsman-style look. Replace or purchase a new door mat. Because they come in all sizes, colors, textures, materials, and styles, you can use them as a decorative piece as well as being functional. Like your wreaths, you can change them out to suit the season or holiday. We cannot forget the porch flooring. Consider using interlocking deck tiles to change the look of your porch floor. This is an easy do-it-yourself project and one that can add both appeal and potential value to your home. They also come in a variety of styles so you can create your own special look. They work on almost any existing surface, wood, concrete, stone, and composites. However, they are not recommended for steps. Remember, your porch is the first space a person sees when visiting your home. Use it to create a lasting impression. Small porch decorating can be fun, inexpensive, and will create great curb appeal.

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